Smartness, Stablility & Security

Ensuring security managers to take the correct action, video surveillance solution are required to be smart, stable and secure. With Triple S, Instek Digitalâ„¢ combines the latest technologies and market solutions with its innovate video surveillance solution. This results in that incidents can be solved faster and more accurate, without system failure or video-data tampering.


Integrated CCTV positioning

locate a person in combination with video and/or audio

Access Control System

match video-data with user profile

Video Intelligence

analyse video based on pre-defined criteria


Network Redundancy

increase network availability

QoS (Quality of Service)

prioritize stream request, in case the network is overloaded

High System Availability

fail-safe for video surveillance, which reduces risk and minimizes downtime


Automatic Security Notification

the system will automatically notify the user to change the password regulary

Data Encryption

provide privacy and data integrity between server and client, based on RSA

Customized Linux OS

configured to allocate more resources to demanding tasks and Linux is more secure than any other OS